Tyranid’s Lair: Stupid is as Stupid Does When It Comes to .NET Remoting

Stupid is as Stupid Does When It Comes to .NET Remoting

Finding vulnerabilities in .NET is something I quite enjoy, it generally meets my criteria of only looking for logic bugs. Probably the first research I did was into .NET serialization where I got some interesting results, and my first Blackhat USA presentation slot. One of the places where you could abuse serialization was in .NET remoting, which is a technology similar to Java RMI or CORBA to access .NET objects remotely (or on the same machine using IPC). Microsoft consider it a legacy technology and you shouldn’t use it, but that won’t stop people.

One day I came to the realisation that while I’d talked about how dangerous it was I’d never released any public PoC for exploiting it. So I decided to start writing a simple tool to exploit vulnerable servers, that was my first mistake. As I wanted to fully understand remoting to write the best tool possible I decided to open my copy of Reflector, that was my second mistake. I then looked at the code, sadly that was my last mistake.

TL;DR you can just grab the tool and play. If you want a few of the sordid details of CVE-2014-1806 and CVE-2014-4149 then read on.


Author: WhiteHat News Admin

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