The new NotCompatible: Sophisticated and evasive threat harbors the potential to compromise enterprise networks

Over the past two years, Lookout has tracked the evolution of NotCompatible. It was a compelling threat from the start, marking one of the first times hacked websites were used at a large scale to specifically target and infect mobile devices.

NotCompatible.C has set a new bar for mobile malware sophistication and operational complexity. The command infrastructure and communication perseveres and self-protects through redundancy and encryption, making it elusive and enduring. It’s an earthworm with its tail cut off that regenerates and thrives.

The technological evolution of NotCompatible has turned a once compelling piece of malware into one of the known longest-running mobile botnets we’ve seen to-date. This malware is a prime example of how mobile malware complexity is advancing and is borrowing technical tactics already seen in PC malware.


Author: WhiteHat News Admin

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