Snort 3 a complete rewrite, aims high

In a league with Linux, Apache, PHP and other foundational free and open source software, Snort has become (to quote them about themselves) “…the standard in intrusion detection … [and] … the standard in which network researchers communicate to each other to detect bad traffic.”

Snort was originally created by Martin Roesch, who went on to found Sourcefire, which builds network security appliances based on Snort. Sourcefire was acquired by Cisco in July 2013. Roesch is now Vice President/Chief Architect of Cisco’s Security Business Group.

On Thursday announced Snort 3.0 and released an alpha version of it. (The current version of Snort is

The announcement says that Snort 3.0 is the realization ….


Author: WhiteHat News Admin

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