FREAKing hell: ALL Windows versions vulnerable to SSL snoop

Relax! We’ve got a (server-knackering) workaround to sort things out, says Microsoft

Microsoft has confirmed that its implementation of SSL/TLS in all versions of Windows is vulnerable to the FREAK encryption-downgrade attack.

This means if you’re using the company’s Windows operating system, an attacker on your network can potentially force Internet Explorer and other software using the Windows Secure Channel component to deploy weak encryption over the web.

Intercepted HTTPS connections can be easily cracked, revealing sensitive details such as login cookies and banking information, but only if the website or service at the other end is still supporting 1990s-era cryptography (and millions of sites still are).

“Microsoft is aware of a security feature bypass vulnerability in Secure Channel (Schannel) that affects all supported releases of Microsoft Windows,” Redmond says in an advisory.

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Author: WhiteHat News Admin

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