Bypassing Windows’ 10 Protections using a Single Bit


Today, Microsoft released their latest Patch Tuesday. This Patch includes a fix for vulnerability CVE-2015-0057, an IMPORTANT-rated exploitable vulnerability which we responsibly disclosed to Microsoft a few months ago.
As part of our research, we revealed this privilege escalation vulnerability which, if exploited, enables a threat actor to complete control of a Windows machine. In other words, a threat actor that gains access to a Windows machine (say, through a phishing campaign) can exploit this vulnerability to bypass all Windows security measures, defeating mitigation measures such as sandboxing, kernel segregation and memory randomization.
Interestingly, the exploit requires modifying only a single bit of the Windows operating system.
We have verified this exploit against all supported Windows desktop versions, including Windows 10 Technical Preview.

This entry starts by detailing the vulnerability. At first, it seemed to us impossible to exploit. After some hard word, however, we managed to produce a fully working exploit which we’ll describe. As part of this analysis, we also present a video which demonstrates the exploit. Finally, we conclude this entry with a buggy dead-code anecdote which we thought interesting to share.
Responsible disclosure: although this blog entry is technical, we won’t reveal any code, or the complete details, to prevent any tech master from being able to reproduce an exploit.

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Author: WhiteHat News Admin

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